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At SilverStarPress.com we have been working since 2012 to provide the most up-to-date solutions to our customers and clients in the online markets.

Publishing Original Sites


We draw on our wealth of experience in a broad range of topics to provide the products and answers you are looking for.


We view our most important job at SilverStarPress.com to be finding the best ways to help people to get the answers, help, and products they need.

Gardens and Food

One of the niches we focus on is gardening and food.  We have a passion for growing things, plant propagation, and garden-to-kitchen pathways.  Having worked and farmed in the Southwest, our expertise includes xeriscape, food production, drip irrigation, and water conservation.

History and Culture

In our research we draw on our love of history, anthropology, and sustainability. We have worked in agriculture, construction, technology and medical  fields.  Our wide-ranging experience allows us to think outside the box and find ideas and solutions others may miss.

Sewing and Crafts

We draw on our life of homesteading and self-sufficiency to focus on crafts and home-based enterprises.  Our passions and skills include sewing and quilting, home repair, plant propagation, and animal husbandry.   In the kitchen our expertise includes food preservation and gluten-free cooking.

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