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Standards and Policies

Our mission at Silver Star Press is to publish websites that help people to overcome the frustrations and obstacles they face and to pursue the passions which inspire them. Helping people solve their problems and follow their dreams comes first. When we do that well, we will be rewarded.

So the task before us is to do our research to find and identify those obstacles and passions. Then to find the ideas and things that match and fit those needs.

In our quest for answers, we draw on our experience in many fields. We think oiutside the box. We focus on being creative. We look for answers others have missed.

We want to provide solutions that work. We want to offer products that are better. And throughout this process the clients and customers need to see us as genuine and supportive.

Our Core Values

  • Integrity—Our business is built on the fundamental principle of being straight-forward and honest in all dealings with our clients and customers.
  • Excellence—We strive in all that we do to always aim to be the best that we can be.
  • Authenticity—In all our interactions with our vendors, customers, clients, and partners, we are reliable and trustworthy. We speak the truth.
  • Helpful—It is our goal to always be cooperative and constructive, friendly and supportive.
  • Thoughtful—Our intent is to always be sensitive to the big picture and responsive to new ideas. We will always present the most well-thought-out ideas and solutions we can.


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